Designing Blue Sapphire Earrings

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Designing Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue sapphires can be deep, dark, and mysterious or they can exude a lighter and brighter hue for an entirely different fashion statement. Blue sapphire earrings can be custom designed to fit your personal style, including how and where you plan to wear this type of jewelry.

There are a number of styles of earring where blue sapphire gemstones can create a special look. You can create custom made blue sapphire earrings in a post or stud style, which provide a way to wear them as a practical daily set of custom made jewelry. The dark blue hue of some sapphires pairs nicely with conservative business entire or casual wear. Another practical daily design style for blue sapphire earrings are loop styles, which typically curl down into a hoop shape but are set closer to the ear. A nice design would be to incorporate small blue sapphires and diamonds along the edge of the loop style.

Other earring styles include the chandelier and drop style that hang down from the ear. These styles are typically worn in a more formal setting to complement evening wear and bridal gowns.



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