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What to Wear with Emeralds

Any fashion follower knows that accessorizing an outfit can make the difference between just making the right statement creating the drop-dead gorgeous “wow” factor. Putting a look together can be difficult, but jewelry is one of the best ways to add some real appeal to whatever you wear no matter what the occasion may be.

An emerald necklace or beautiful piece of emerald custom jewelry does not have to be tucked away in the jewelry vault until you have a formal event. Feel like a queen and show off those brilliant gifts from your loved one or the eye-catching emerald earrings you designed for yourself with just about any outfit. From casual jeans for a day out or with a summer sun dress at a cocktail party, custom jewelry with emeralds will add simple elegance and sophistication to your ensemble. After all, the “wearing of the green” does not have to wait until St. Patrick's Day.


Qualities of the Emerald Gemstone

Emeralds are a green gemstone that can have a wide range of variations within the green color palette. There are both light and dark green versions of emeralds along with those that are sparked with various bits of blue coloring. All of these variations make some of the world's most memorable custom jewelry like an emerald necklace or emerald pendant.

Often, emeralds come with small fractures that jewelers fill in with resins or oils before using them for emerald rings or other types of jewelry. Commonly found in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia, technology has also made it possible to create emeralds in the laboratory. These man-made versions are often difficult to find amongst the available custom jewelry on the market today. These emeralds often look like those mined from natural sources, sharing the same physical, chemical and optical qualities. Whether they are natural or born in the lab, emeralds offer a brilliant green color unmatched by other gemstones, creating a sophisticated look for any type of custom jewelry design.


Myths and Lore About Emeralds

Every gemstone comes with its own myths and legends. Emeralds have quite a distinction of having a wide range of beliefs from the Celts that believe in its magical qualities and ability to see the future to Egyptians who sought emeralds for assistance with fertility and Romans who gave emeralds to Venus, the goddess of love.

Knowing these legends and stories makes wearing custom jewelry made with emeralds more fun and make for great conversation pieces. When giving a custom jewelry design as a gift to a loved one, get creative by including a typed up myth or legend that ties to the reason you are giving such a gift. For example, if it's an emerald necklace for a loved one on an anniversary or for Valentine's Day, write something about how you see a great future together. Or, if the emerald pendant is for a new mother, relate the story of the Egyptians belief in fertility as a way to celebrate the new baby. In creating a custom jewelry design with emeralds or giving one as a gift, the lore behind the gemstones add a special and memorable touch.


Occasions for Emerald Jewelry Presents

There are a number of occasions where a custom jewelry design that incorporates emeralds makes an excellent present. If you have loved ones with birthdays in May, custom jewelry that uses emeralds makes the perfect match as this gemstone is the birthstone for this month. For those seeking a way to surprise someone on St. Patrick's Day or recognize their Irish heritage, customized rings with emeralds will sure to delight.

Highlighting any special occasion, regardless of the month, like a birthday, an anniversary, or a “just because,” is a perfect time to create a custom jewelry design that brings the “wow” with the use of emeralds. Who says you have to wait for someone to create custom jewelry with emeralds as a gift? After all, there never has to be a real occasion to treat yourself to a piece of custom jewelry, such as an emerald necklace or an emerald pendant, to celebrate a personal success or remind yourself that you deserve it.


Cleaning Emerald Custom Jewelry

To maintain the natural beauty and extend the life of the custom jewelry design setting for all of your emerald custom jewelry, take the time to frequently clean and maintenance it. You do not have to take your emerald rings or other custom jewelry into the jeweler for cleaning and maintenance because it can all be done at home. Be sure to take special care and follow these directions to ensure that you keep your emerald custom jewelry sparkling. An emerald necklace or emerald rings should only be cleaned with a delicate cloth or cotton swab that is free of lint and dirt.

Only use mild detergent and warm water on the jewelry because any harsh soap or other type of cleaner, along with hot water, can remove the oil from the emerald, decreasing its strength and its value. Liquid jewelry cleaners are not recommended for emerald custom jewelry. Like many other gemstones, it is best to avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines.


Taking Care of Emerald Jewelry

More than other types of gemstones, emerald custom jewelry must be cared for and handled very gently. It is somewhat delicate, having a lower rating on the hardness scale but still considered strong in its form. The strength provides some scratch resistance, but it does not protect emerald from breaking or even chipping. This is because emeralds often already have tiny cracks that, if hit in the right place, can cause the gemstone to easily break. Be sure to find out if the emeralds have been oil-treated, which offers some measure of protection for these stunning gemstones.

Remember their delicate nature when wearing an emerald bracelet, emerald ring, or emerald necklace. Try to remove all custom jewelry during active situations, such as sports, exercise, or swimming. Wearing emerald earrings, however, is usually safe from any potential damage. Store emerald custom jewelry in their own boxes or separate from other types of jewelry in your jewelry storage in order to further protect it from damage.


When to Consider Emeralds for Custom Jewelry Design

Emeralds are a gemstone that can be considered for any custom jewelry design because they look good no matter what the setting or style of jewelry that is used. Young or old, anyone considering this gemstone should add custom jewelry with emeralds to the must-have list for their jewelry collection.

As a deep, alluring gemstone, emeralds offer a rich and elegant accent to any type of outfit—formal or casual—and lend themselves to both simple and embellished designs as part of an emerald necklace. As an accent piece, custom jewelry with emeralds can be a way to show off or as a means of making a unique statement amongst all the other more traditional gemstone-adorned custom jewelry. Adding an emerald to custom jewelry like an emerald necklace is a good way to show off your heritage or family history as well as make a bold statement by incorporating a darkly colored gemstone as an accessory to an understated dress or suit.

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