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Building a Ruby Custom Jewelry Collection

Since the ruby gemstone is considered to be one of the priciest types of gemstones for custom jewelry, you might want to consider building a ruby custom jewelry collection one piece at a time. There are a number of pieces that you can consider adding to your ruby custom jewelry collection or gifting to friends and family to fuel their passion for the ruby gemstone.

Customized jewelry that features a ruby gemstone includes ruby stud earrings, ruby drop earrings, a ruby necklace, a ruby pendant, bracelets, and ruby rings in all types of settings with an endless combination of precious metals, designs, and combination of gemstones.

When creating your gift list for your loved one who may not be sure what to get you, consider asking for a custom jewelry set with a ruby necklace and set of ruby stud earrings rather than a number of small gifts. A matching set of customized jewelry provides a way to easily accessorize an outfit not to mention helps build your ruby custom jewelry collection faster. Even when you don't get that piece of ruby custom jewelry that you had your eye on as a gift, you should still consider treating yourself to it.


Handling Ruby Customized Jewelry

Considered to be a rarer gemstone than diamonds with only a few mines found around the world, including ones in India, Madagascar, Thailand and Vietnam, it is especially important to take great care with such a special piece of customized jewelry. Despite its rarity, a ruby gemstone doesn't necessarily need kid gloves when handling because it is second to diamonds in terms of hardness. It has no cleavage, which means that it is very difficult to break.

Keep your ruby customized jewelry clean and free of all dust and dirt. You can choose to have a professional jeweler clean it or you can opt to do it yourself. Recommended at-home cleaning should only involve jewelry cleaner or lukewarm water. Be sure that all ruby customized jewelry is kept away from any environments where there is extreme heat or chemical products, such as bleach and ammonia, as these will damage it.


Ruby: A Passionate Gemstone

The passion for rubies dates back centuries where those in Sri Lanka prized its discovery as one of the most precious gemstones in the world. This passionate gemstone can also be found in Myanmar (previously Burma). Perhaps the idea of passion originated from the Hindus and how they believed that the deep, rich red color of the ruby gemstone came from a fire burning inside the gemstone that could never be extinguished.

Even now, a ruby gemstone is known for its fiery red color, which many commonly associate with love, passion, and intrigue. Its exotic look and reputation draw those passionate about life and, of course, jewelry, making it one of the most popular gemstones after diamonds. There's no better way to express your own passion for life and love than by wearing a custom ruby necklace or giving a pair of ruby stud earrings to a loved one who shares the same passion.


Ruby Gemstone Legends and Lore

As with all gemstones, the ruby gemstone has its own legends and lore that add to its appeal. Rubies are thought to provide a person who wears one with long life and vitality. In Biblical times, the ancient religious texts referred to the ruby as the most precious of all the gemstones and were prized by a number of civilizations, dynasties, and monarchies. Everyone from Marco Polo and Kublai Khan to American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson and other well-noted historical figures in between have praised the ruby gemstone for its beauty and power.

The power of a ruby gemstone was also seen as a way to protect the person wearing one from physical injury and from evil as well as bring good luck and attract a spouse. If you're looking to create a ruby necklace or add ruby rings to your jewelry collection, enjoy the fact that you're selecting a gemstone of royalty. As a gift, the queen in your life and even your loyal subjects will love to receive customized jewelry with rubies.


Custom Jewelry Design with Rubies

The possibilities are endless when creating a custom jewelry design with a ruby gemstone. Its hardness allows for this gemstone to be crafted into a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it the perfect fit for everything from a ruby necklace and ruby rings to ruby stud earrings.

When selecting a ruby gemstone for your custom jewelry design, look for those gemstones that have the most intense red effect possible as this trait points to a higher quality ruby gemstone than others that may not display such a deep crimson color. However, this level of quality is also what drives up the price, so be aware of your budget when selecting the ruby gemstone for your custom jewelry design.

Along with the price you have in mind, focus on the type of design, shape of the ruby gemstone, and type of metal that you want to combine to create your custom jewelry design. You may need to look at a few different pages of custom jewelry design options and switch settings and precious metals before you discover that must-have look.


When to Wear Ruby Custom Jewelry

Just because a ruby gemstone is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, costing even more than diamonds, it doesn't mean you are limited to when you can wear ruby custom jewelry. A prime example is Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” who wore her ruby slippers to find her way home from a magical land.

In reality, ruby custom jewelry is appropriate for just about any occasion—from casual experiences and the workplace to an evening on the town or social event. Wearing ruby custom jewelry is a beautiful way to express your love for others as well as for life, so it's nice to accessorize with ruby custom jewelry when out and about with the one you love. The passionate color and rich red color will turn heads and attract others. The elegance and timeless beauty of ruby custom jewelry will work anytime and anywhere.


Occasions for Giving Ruby Custom Jewelry

Ruby custom jewelry is a special gift for any occasion, but there are also certain times where it has been more common to select a ruby gemstone as the centerpiece of a custom jewelry gift. Those born in July enjoy ruby customized jewelry as a way to recognize that month's birthstone. A ruby necklace may also be the perfect gift to celebrate a 15th or 40th wedding anniversary.

Of course, you don't want to forget one of the most passionate and loving occasions of all that happens every February 14th—Valentine's Day. There is no better way to show the depth of your love and all the facets of affection that you feel for your partner than to create a custom jewelry design around a ruby gemstone or combination of rubies and diamonds. Just imagine the look on your loved one's face when you hand her what she thinks is a box of chocolates and opens it to discover that it contains a breathtaking ruby necklace.

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