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Selecting Customer Jewelry for Others

Buying custom jewelry as a gift is a beautiful way to show love for someone else because it sends the message that you have gone beyond just going to a store to buy a piece of jewelry that may have been mass-produced. It means that you took the time to create and add thought to the colors and design that may appeal to your loved one.

No matter how sweet the sentiment, there is still pressure there to get it right, especially when the type of jewelry a person likes tends to be very personal and unique to their style. The best way to select custom jewelry for others is to take note of the gemstone rings or gemstone earrings they currently wear. There is even nothing wrong with taking the direct approach and asking how they would design their dream piece of jewelry. With an online service, it might be possible for you to deliver on their dream. And, if your partner or loved one needs gift ideas that you might enjoy, there is also nothing wrong with navigating them toward a website and highlighting certain pages. Some people really do need and feel relieved to get this type of direction.


Advantages of Custom Gemstone Jewelry Design

There are a number of advantages to creating custom gemstone jewelry. Unlike simply selecting from the same inventory of jewelry design that everyone has at their fingertips, you can create custom gemstone jewelry that reflects your personality and individual style. The custom gemstone jewelry you have will simply be like nothing else on the market, which means you are sure to not run into a carbon copy of yourself at a party or social event.

Making custom gemstone earrings or gemstone rings allows you to purchase something that is made to your exact specifications—from the gemstone and setting to the metal and number of stones used. You also have access to thousands of existing concepts that can be transformed to what you had in mind.

Services that offer personal jewelry design use high-quality materials and work with master jewelers to produce gemstone earrings or gemstone rings. Better yet, creating custom jewelry can all be done in the comfort and convenience of your home because the service is available through the Internet.


Available Precious Metals for Custom Jewelry

What makes custom gemstone rings, necklaces, and earrings stand out even more is the ability to select from a wide range of precious metals that can be used to hold and showcase different types of gemstones. While the gemstones usually get the most attention in custom jewelry, it is the precious metals that complement and highlight the gemstones for a bigger effect.

Typically, the most commonly used precious metals for custom jewelry are gold (white, yellow, and rose), silver, and platinum. Despite the popularity of platinum and silver in recent years, gold remains the standard precious metal of choice due its beauty and symbol of wealth. White and rose gold are variations on gold that have been created by mixing in other metals to create a new color. Silver is more plentiful and creates a more subdued look that can create intense contrasts and drama with certain deep gemstone colors. Because it is rarer, platinum tends to be the most expensive precious metal. As a good choice for custom jewelry, it is able to hold gemstones more securely, does not wear away or fade, and is hypoallergenic.


Choosing Gemstones for Custom Jewelry

Selecting gemstones for your custom jewelry or for jewelry you are purchasing as a gift is really all about individual preference rather than a professional opinion. While one gemstone may be more resilient or scratch-resistant than another, those kinds of factors are good to know but not necessarily relevant to the criteria involved in purchasing custom jewelry.

Your decision on gemstones for custom jewelry should be about your style and what matches your look as well as about the colors you like and what a specific gemstone may mean or represent for you. For example, you may want gemstone earrings that match your birthstone or you are drawn to a gemstone because of the lore and myths associated with it. Deciding on gemstones for custom jewelry may even be as simple as loving the color red or feeling happy when wearing purple. Often, the colors most loved are also reflected in one's wardrobe, so it makes sense to coordinate one's custom jewelry with these outfits.


Incorporating Fashion Trends in Gemstone Rings

In order to help you personalize your gemstone rings purchase, a good place to look for ideas are fashion and celebrity magazines that often have pictures of the stars who are wearing gorgeous jewelry paired with beautiful clothes. You don't have to be a star in order to wear jewelry like you see on these glossy pages. All you have to do is search out a company that offers a personal or custom jewelry design service for gemstone rings.

Sites that offer this service often include a wide range of designs for gemstone rings—from the classic and traditional to artistic, modern, and avant-garde. Having a range of jewelry designers available to this type of service means that they can update the available designs for gemstone rings on a regular basis and offer new looks to match those recently seen at an award show or other red-carpet event. Being able to access your own custom gemstone rings can have you feeling and looking like a celebrity.


Working with Custom Jewelry Firms

Despite not reaching the status of being couture clothing, you can still buy custom gemstone jewelry from firms that make anything you wear look like you've just stepped off the runway. Why wear jewelry from a chain store or the mall when you can take advantage of new technology that helps firms offer a unique, high-quality custom jewelry service for the price of what you find as part of a jewelry store collection.

Look for a company that can provide a wide range of gemstones in virtually every size and shape alongside an array of designs and metal options. Some sites may offer 16 different kinds of gemstones, eight precious metals, and hundreds of settings. Statistically, the available custom jewelry options can go on forever, especially when new designers join the team or innovative designs are added to the product guide.

Custom jewelry firms offer a wide range of product photographs and a detailed explanation of the process to help guide your selection process, including information on the stones, precious metals, designers, and the company. Having this information at your fingertips makes creating custom jewelry a satisfying, exciting, and enjoyable experience.


The Custom Jewelry Experience

Custom jewelry firms are making this new, exciting option for accessories possible through the use of amazing technology that incorporates a three-dimensional computer modeling software that you can see online while also using this same model to create the actual piece of custom jewelry. With this matching technology, you are sure to get the exact custom gemstone jewelry you see on the screen. From there, the gemstones selected are set by hand to ensure the precise level of quality that you should expect from ordering custom jewelry.

The custom jewelry experience also involves ensuring that the custom gemstone jewelry uses high-quality gemstones. Make sure the custom jewelry firm uses AAA quality gemstones, which are known for their cut, brilliance, and polish. Reputable companies use premium medium-toned gems for their gemstone earrings and gemstone rings, which appear to have no visible inclusions, excluding emeralds that have these features. When pieces that have multiple types of gemstones are ordered, it is important to ensure that the company provides a quality assurance that they will match the color intensity of each gemstone as closely as possible. While there is nothing wrong with enhancing the beauty of some gemstones, it is important to select a company that only uses natural gemstones to guarantee a certain level of quality and value.


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