Choosing Gemstones for Custom Jewelry

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Choosing Gemstones for Custom Jewelry

Selecting gemstones for your custom jewelry or for jewelry you are purchasing as a gift is really all about individual preference rather than a professional opinion. While one gemstone may be more resilient or scratch-resistant than another, those kinds of factors are good to know but not necessarily relevant to the criteria involved in purchasing custom jewelry.

Your decision on gemstones for custom jewelry should be about your style and what matches your look as well as about the colors you like and what a specific gemstone may mean or represent for you. For example, you may want gemstone earrings that match your birthstone or you are drawn to a gemstone because of the lore and myths associated with it. Deciding on gemstones for custom jewelry may even be as simple as loving the color red or feeling happy when wearing purple. Often, the colors most loved are also reflected in one's wardrobe, so it makes sense to coordinate one's custom jewelry with these outfits.



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