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The Sapphire Color Palette

Sapphires are one of those rare gemstones that come in more than one color, which makes collecting custom made jewelry with this gemstone all the more fun and unique. The most commonly known color of sapphires is blue in both light and dark shades, which is why they have been named after the Latin word for blue.

There is also a spectrum of other colors now available for custom made jewelry. Hence, this gemstone has also been referred to as a celestial gemstone because of the various color reflections that can be seen within the sapphire's construction. This color palette includes pink, yellow, green, purple and white. Many jewelers accentuate and intensify these colors by applying heat treatment, which is a regular practice among jewelry manufacturers.

This type of gemstone, in all its various color selections, can be found in mines throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. While some colors are rarer than others, this gemstone tends to be more available than others, providing a good value choice for custom made pink sapphire jewelry.


Stories of Sapphires

Sapphires have been treasured for centuries by royalty and other historical figures. The sapphire is one of the oldest British crown jewels, dating back to the 11th century. In more modern times, Princess Diana of England inspired others to wear sapphires after her dazzling sapphire engagement ring was revealed to the world.

Stories about sapphires travel way back in civilization into the stories of mythology and those found in the Bible. Legend states that Prometheus first wore a sapphire while the ancient Persians of Biblical times looked to the sapphire as a product that came from the heavens and God. Temples in Burma also used the sapphire as part of their architectural design to pay homage and reverence to the gods.

Despite having such a wide array of stories about sapphires, these stories add to the mystical and spiritual wonderment that makes sapphires such a popular choice for today's pink sapphire jewelry, such as custom necklaces and custom rings.


Protecting Sapphire Custom Made Jewelry

Sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones available for use in custom necklaces and custom rings alongside rubies and diamonds. This type of gemstone is very difficult to chip or break. Like all jewelry, special care and protection should still be used with all your pieces. You still may want to remove all sapphire jewelry when exercising or doing housework to ensure they stay safe.

Custom made pink sapphire jewelry can be cleaned at home instead of taking a trip to the jewelry store for maintenance. At-home cleaning recommendations that are safe for these types of custom necklaces and custom rings include liquid jewelry cleaner, warm water and mild detergent cleaners, and the use of ultrasonic cleaning devices. Also use a soft cloth to regularly remove any dust or dirt from your custom made jewelry as well as keep it in a jewelry box or armoire where there is less chance of contact with dust or potential for damage.


Gifting Sapphire Custom Made Jewelry

While everyone loves a gift of jewelry, remember just how personal jewelry is to other people in terms of their color and design preferences for gemstones, precious metals, and setting style. When gifting something as special as sapphire custom made jewelry, put a lot of thought into what your loved one might enjoy and be able to wear with their wardrobe and lifestyle.

For example, while pink sapphires are pretty in your eyes and you have a whole section of your jewelry box devoted to this gemstone, your best friend may not like pink or own a single outfit where pink sapphire jewelry would complement the look. The same can be said for yellow or blue sapphire custom made jewelry.

Take the time to look at jewelry designs and gemstone colors together while out shopping or on online custom made jewelry websites to get a sense of what loved ones like before you treat them to that extra special present.


Occasions for Wearing and Giving Sapphire Custom Jewelry

Wearing, buying or giving pink sapphire jewelry is ideal for anyone born in the month of September as well as for a birthday, holiday, and anniversary surprise or splurge. While diamonds seem to be one of the most popular wedding and engagement ring gemstones today, sapphires continue to be highly popular for these special moments. When considering this gemstone as the focal point for custom made jewelry for yourself or others, this special stone is bound to elevate you to royalty status. Sapphire custom made jewelry is also the perfect choice when you want someone else to feel like a queen or princess.

Sapphire custom jewelry befits any type of occasion and can be worn as a practical accessory on a daily basis. It is a versatile gemstone that works with any type of custom jewelry, providing a great excuse to own many custom made jewelry pieces across the entire sapphire color palette. Each type of sapphire gemstone adds elegance and sophistication to what you are wearing without too much formality.


Symbolic Sapphire Settings

Sapphires, in shades of blue, tend to represent something that emits feeling and a symbol of calmness, loyalty, and sympathy amongst all types of civilizations. Beyond the symbolism found in its most common color, sapphires have come to represent many different things to various civilizations and cultures, including standing as a symbol of faithfulness, truth, sincerity, wisdom and joy.

Wearing a sapphire was even thought to help a person become wiser and find solutions to challenging problems. Those in India believe that the sapphire has the power to physically heal people from snake and scorpion bites. Other cultures thought that the sapphire could help ward off evil.

Whatever the story may be about the symbolic meaning behind sapphires and their settings, they all sound like good reasoning for convincing a loved one that a sapphire should be included as the gemstone of choice for your next custom made jewelry gift.


Sapphire Custom Necklaces

Customized sapphire necklaces in any color within this gemstone palette, including blue, pink, and yellow, can all create a stunning necklace as a treat for yourself or for a loved one. One option you have is to keep it simple, especially if it is a more brightly hued sapphire like pink or yellow, by just focusing on one type of gemstone within the necklace custom jewelry design. Look for a sleek and minimalist design that uses just one element like a letter, circle, or swirl effect so that the gemstone is the featured attraction.

Another option is to combine two or more types of gemstones as part of pink sapphire jewelry. A nice touch for customized sapphire necklaces is to select a design that allows you to add many different types of sapphires to one piece of jewelry. This works well with designs that have more than one element, such as intersecting circles, multiple shapes, or Celtic patterns.

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