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Other Ideas for Blue Topaz Jewelry

Since blue topaz is such a versatile gemstone and can be cut into any size or shape, it can be incorporated in any number of custom made rings or custom earrings as well as be showcased as part of a blue topaz necklace or featured as a blue topaz pendant.

A blue topaz necklace can make a great gift for a new mother; a custom made blue topaz ring may light up your child's eyes when you give it to her as a graduation present for a job well done. For a friend, sister, or mom who enjoys an embellished or Celtic design, a blue topaz gemstone, in shades of blue and blue-green, can offer a unique addition to her jewelry collection. Live with a “fashionista”? A blue topaz pendant is a stunning accessory for the latest clothing design, and it can serve as the highlight to a cocktail dress or evening gown.


Blue Topaz as an Anniversary Gift

Besides being the birthstone of anyone born in December, blue topaz is also on the list of anniversary gifts for during certain years of marriage. Blue topaz is traditionally given during the fourth and nineteenth years of marriage. What better way to celebrate the brilliance that is the one you love than to give her custom gold jewelry that features the brilliant and captivating blue topaz?

Depending on what type of jewelry your loved one likes, blue topaz can be incorporated into custom earrings or custom made rings. Choose from fashion or band settings with multiple stones, or go for a ring with one large stone in a simple or sophisticated setting. A blue topaz necklace or blue topaz pendant can also be custom designed to suit your loved one's style, including her love of simplicity or embellishment. Be sure to select your loved one's favorite metal or one that matches her other jewelry.


Symbolic Messages in Blue Topaz

Ancient civilizations believed that blue topaz was a gemstone that held great power, strength, and protection. It's clear to see why the Greeks and others believed that the gemstone conveyed these symbolic messages. All you have to do is consider and reflect on the intensity of color that a blue topaz offers as part of a blue topaz ring or blue topaz pendant.

When deciding which type of gemstone to use for your next piece of custom jewelry for either yourself or a loved one, incorporate a gemstone's background or mythology in the setting or in the message you include with the gift of custom jewelry. Think about selecting a blue topaz necklace design to help empower yourself or boost the spirits of someone else who might be struggling. Explain to them the power that the gemstone holds to encourage them in challenging times. Even if some only think the ideas surrounding the power of the blue topaz is a myth, there is a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking.

When you wear a blue topaz necklace you designed for yourself, glance down at the brilliant blue stone that radiates from your chest and you just may feel a little bit stronger or safer.


Cleaning Blue Topaz Jewelry

Cleaning a blue topaz necklace or blue topaz ring is highly recommended in order to keep its sky-blue brilliance shining through. Regularly cleaning blue topaz helps ensure a long life for your custom pieces. Since you never know when you may have a special occasion or feel like wearing your gorgeous blue topaz necklace on a whim, clean it and your other pieces on a monthly basis.

The best jewelry-cleaning products are a liquid jewelry cleaner or simply some mild detergent and warm water. Blue topaz custom earrings or other pieces should not be used in any type of ultrasonic cleaner because blue topaz gemstones are often heat irradiated to bring out their brilliant color even more. Hence, a jewelry cleaning machine can increase the risk of damage.

Lastly, store all your stunning pieces in a jewelry case that can help reduce dust from collecting on the stones and settings.


Blue Topaz: A Mystical and Magical Gemstone

In selecting what type of gemstone to choose for your next custom design, consider blue topaz not only for its beauty and ability to catch someone's eye, but to experience its mystical and magical power. For centuries, this gemstone is believed to have both a cooling and calming effect for those who wear it. Blue topaz is also said to calm fears and alleviate anger.

A blue topaz necklace is captivating and fresh due to the depth of its sky-blue to deep blue hue. Its magic can be found in a jeweler's ability to create unusual cuts to the gemstone as well as incorporate large gems for a blue topaz pendant or custom earrings, allowing it to be shown off in a truly unique fashion. Creating a blue topaz pendant design as a gift for a loved one or for yourself can be an excellent way to share its mystical and magical powers, captivating others who can't help but notice the stunning color and unique quality of your custom-designed jewelry piece.


Reasons for Selecting Blue Topaz

There are a number of reasons to select a blue topaz gemstone for your next set of custom earrings, necklace, or custom-made rings. First, there are so many different shades of blue topaz due to heat irradiation processes that can make no two blue topaz gemstones look alike. This special quality can help make your next custom-designed piece of jewelry look even more unique.

Second, it's the perfect gift for Christmas and December birthdays and anniversaries because it's the birthstone for the month of December. Its timeless elegance makes it a sophisticated choice that any friend or family member will love.

Third, blue topaz a versatile gemstone that goes with any color or occasion. It can also be combined with other gemstones in varying colors to further its unique qualities for custom gold jewelry or other metal settings.

Fourth, its elegance and uniqueness can come at reasonable prices. Considering its available qualities and advantages, a blue topaz pendant, blue topaz necklace, or blue topaz ring make stunning gifts at a reasonable price. So, why not get one of each?


Caring for Blue Topaz Jewelry

All jewelry requires special care, but blue topaz has unique qualities that need to be attended to so as to ensure a long life for all your custom earrings and custom-made rings featuring this gemstone. While blue topaz is highly rated as one of the most scratch-resistant gemstones, it can fracture quite easily if not taken care of.

Be sure to remove all jewelry with this stone, such as a blue topaz necklace or blue topaz ring, when you're playing sports, exercising, or doing housework. Blue topaz earrings stand a better chance with these types of activities, but it's always better to be safe than sorry and remove all jewelry, especially if you have designed it yourself or it holds significant sentimental value. When not wearing your jewelry, store the blue topaz necklace or blue topaz ring in a safe place like a jewelry box or drawer.

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