Cleaning Blue Topaz Jewelry

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Cleaning Blue Topaz Jewelry

Cleaning a blue topaz necklace or blue topaz ring is highly recommended in order to keep its sky-blue brilliance shining through. Regularly cleaning blue topaz helps ensure a long life for your custom pieces. Since you never know when you may have a special occasion or feel like wearing your gorgeous blue topaz necklace on a whim, clean it and your other pieces on a monthly basis.

The best jewelry-cleaning products are a liquid jewelry cleaner or simply some mild detergent and warm water. Blue topaz custom earrings or other pieces should not be used in any type of ultrasonic cleaner because blue topaz gemstones are often heat irradiated to bring out their brilliant color even more. Hence, a jewelry cleaning machine can increase the risk of damage.

Lastly, store all your stunning pieces in a jewelry case that can help reduce dust from collecting on the stones and settings.



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