Protecting Sapphire Custom Made Jewelry

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Protecting Sapphire Custom Made Jewelry

Sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones available for use in custom necklaces and custom rings alongside rubies and diamonds. This type of gemstone is very difficult to chip or break. Like all jewelry, special care and protection should still be used with all your pieces. You still may want to remove all sapphire jewelry when exercising or doing housework to ensure they stay safe.

Custom made pink sapphire jewelry can be cleaned at home instead of taking a trip to the jewelry store for maintenance. At-home cleaning recommendations that are safe for these types of custom necklaces and custom rings include liquid jewelry cleaner, warm water and mild detergent cleaners, and the use of ultrasonic cleaning devices. Also use a soft cloth to regularly remove any dust or dirt from your custom made jewelry as well as keep it in a jewelry box or armoire where there is less chance of contact with dust or potential for damage.



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