The Sapphire Color Palette

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The Sapphire Color Palette

Sapphires are one of those rare gemstones that come in more than one color, which makes collecting custom made jewelry with this gemstone all the more fun and unique. The most commonly known color of sapphires is blue in both light and dark shades, which is why they have been named after the Latin word for blue.

There is also a spectrum of other colors now available for custom made jewelry. Hence, this gemstone has also been referred to as a celestial gemstone because of the various color reflections that can be seen within the sapphire's construction. This color palette includes pink, yellow, green, purple and white. Many jewelers accentuate and intensify these colors by applying heat treatment, which is a regular practice among jewelry manufacturers.

This type of gemstone, in all its various color selections, can be found in mines throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. While some colors are rarer than others, this gemstone tends to be more available than others, providing a good value choice for custom made pink sapphire jewelry.



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