Stories of Sapphires

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Stories of Sapphires

Sapphires have been treasured for centuries by royalty and other historical figures. The sapphire is one of the oldest British crown jewels, dating back to the 11th century. In more modern times, Princess Diana of England inspired others to wear sapphires after her dazzling sapphire engagement ring was revealed to the world.

Stories about sapphires travel way back in civilization into the stories of mythology and those found in the Bible. Legend states that Prometheus first wore a sapphire while the ancient Persians of Biblical times looked to the sapphire as a product that came from the heavens and God. Temples in Burma also used the sapphire as part of their architectural design to pay homage and reverence to the gods.

Despite having such a wide array of stories about sapphires, these stories add to the mystical and spiritual wonderment that makes sapphires such a popular choice for today's pink sapphire jewelry, such as custom necklaces and custom rings.



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