Showing Off Ruby Stud Earrings

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Showing Off Ruby Stud Earrings

One way to add a ruby gemstone to your collection of gemstone custom jewelry is to create ruby stud earrings, which are an affordable way to increase the passion factor in your jewelry box. Ruby stud earrings are a practical jewelry piece that can be worn everyday and still make an impact because of the deep red color they project.

The ruby gemstone is typically smaller in ruby stud earrings, but the smaller size does not, in any way, diminish their brilliance. Ruby stud earrings are not limited in design options just because they are smaller than other types of customized jewelry. Custom ruby stud earrings can be embellished with other gemstones, such as diamonds, that surround the main ruby gemstone in a floral or star shape design. Designing custom ruby stud earrings can also be enhanced by selecting from a design palette that uses more precious metals, such as silver, to create petals or bands around the main ruby gem stone.



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