Ruby Gemstone Legends and Lore

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Ruby Gemstone Legends and Lore

As with all gemstones, the ruby gemstone has its own legends and lore that add to its appeal. Rubies are thought to provide a person who wears one with long life and vitality. In Biblical times, the ancient religious texts referred to the ruby as the most precious of all the gemstones and were prized by a number of civilizations, dynasties, and monarchies. Everyone from Marco Polo and Kublai Khan to American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson and other well-noted historical figures in between have praised the ruby gemstone for its beauty and power.

The power of a ruby gemstone was also seen as a way to protect the person wearing one from physical injury and from evil as well as bring good luck and attract a spouse. If you're looking to create a ruby necklace or add ruby rings to your jewelry collection, enjoy the fact that you're selecting a gemstone of royalty. As a gift, the queen in your life and even your loyal subjects will love to receive customized jewelry with rubies.



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