Types of Settings for Custom Gemstone Rings

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Types of Settings for Custom Gemstone Rings

Before selecting gemstone rings from custom jewelry designers, make sure you learn about the types of ring settings available. Custom gemstone rings can be created in the following types of settings: prong, bezel, pavé, channel, and bar.

A prong setting is also known as a claw setting, so you can imagine that it looks like the gemstone mount has a grip on the gemstone from all sides. All types of gemstones can be placed in a prong setting and are usually used for larger carat stones. The pave setting has a prong-like setting but the prongs are barely visible, creating the appearance that the gemstones are larger than in reality. This setting is often the choice for diamond rings.

A bezel setting looks like a disk of metal is cradling the gemstone and is usually selected for classic gemstones rings settings. The channel setting places gemstones side by side and have long tracks of metal that hold square, princess and rectangle gemstones in place. This custom gemstone rings setting is often used for the band-style ring. Similarly, bar settings use a design that places the gemstones next to each other in order to create a more brilliant and dazzling effect.



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