Cleaning Emerald Custom Jewelry

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Cleaning Emerald Custom Jewelry

To maintain the natural beauty and extend the life of the custom jewelry design setting for all of your emerald custom jewelry, take the time to frequently clean and maintenance it. You do not have to take your emerald rings or other custom jewelry into the jeweler for cleaning and maintenance because it can all be done at home. Be sure to take special care and follow these directions to ensure that you keep your emerald custom jewelry sparkling. An emerald necklace or emerald rings should only be cleaned with a delicate cloth or cotton swab that is free of lint and dirt.

Only use mild detergent and warm water on the jewelry because any harsh soap or other type of cleaner, along with hot water, can remove the oil from the emerald, decreasing its strength and its value. Liquid jewelry cleaners are not recommended for emerald custom jewelry. Like many other gemstones, it is best to avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines.



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