Creating Pink Sapphire Rings

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Creating Pink Sapphire Rings

Pink sapphire rings provide a way to fulfill your love of everything pink—from bubble gum to strawberry-hued tones. Pink sapphire rings are a fun and flirty option for your growing custom made jewelry collection. Highlighting the brilliant bright nature of a pink sapphire is the selection of metal for custom rings. A lighter color precious metal will create greater contrast while a gold or rose gold setting will tone down some of the pink “pop.”

Pink sapphire rings can be custom-designed to be complemented by a multi-stone setting. Two of the most ideal selections for complementary stones are diamonds or rubies because their coloring blends nicely with the pink hue of the sapphire.

Since pink sapphire rings are commonly used for engagement rings, solitaire settings are an option. These ring settings have more than one purpose and work well as an everyday “I deserve to be a princess” ring. Growing in popularity amongst fashion trend-setters are the more modern and sleek pink sapphire ring settings that were once only seen in classic or traditional versions.



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