Symbolic Sapphire Settings

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Symbolic Sapphire Settings

Sapphires, in shades of blue, tend to represent something that emits feeling and a symbol of calmness, loyalty, and sympathy amongst all types of civilizations. Beyond the symbolism found in its most common color, sapphires have come to represent many different things to various civilizations and cultures, including standing as a symbol of faithfulness, truth, sincerity, wisdom and joy.

Wearing a sapphire was even thought to help a person become wiser and find solutions to challenging problems. Those in India believe that the sapphire has the power to physically heal people from snake and scorpion bites. Other cultures thought that the sapphire could help ward off evil.

Whatever the story may be about the symbolic meaning behind sapphires and their settings, they all sound like good reasoning for convincing a loved one that a sapphire should be included as the gemstone of choice for your next custom made jewelry gift.



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