Custom Jewelry Design with Rubies

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Custom Jewelry Design with Rubies

The possibilities are endless when creating a custom jewelry design with a ruby gemstone. Its hardness allows for this gemstone to be crafted into a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it the perfect fit for everything from a ruby necklace and ruby rings to ruby stud earrings.

When selecting a ruby gemstone for your custom jewelry design, look for those gemstones that have the most intense red effect possible as this trait points to a higher quality ruby gemstone than others that may not display such a deep crimson color. However, this level of quality is also what drives up the price, so be aware of your budget when selecting the ruby gemstone for your custom jewelry design.

Along with the price you have in mind, focus on the type of design, shape of the ruby gemstone, and type of metal that you want to combine to create your custom jewelry design. You may need to look at a few different pages of custom jewelry design options and switch settings and precious metals before you discover that must-have look.



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