Designing a Ruby Necklace

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Designing a Ruby Necklace

One of the most dazzling ways to show off a ruby gemstone is within a necklace, placing the beautiful stone so close to the center of passion, one's heart. Your customized jewelry with a ruby gemstone has so many possibilities to consider.

Since a ruby is typically no larger than two carats and can be expensive, a ruby necklace usually has a smaller ruby gemstone, making a pendant style somewhat uncommon. However, you can create a pendant look by creating custom jewelry that has an oval, heart-shaped, or round ruby gemstone surrounded by diamonds.

Other options for designing a ruby necklace include a smaller ruby gemstone that sets of a letter or object like a butterfly or a cross. Using multiple types of gemstones furthers the uniqueness of your custom ruby necklace while adding detail and beauty.

When selecting the precious metal for your ruby necklace, consider your preferred metal and also look at other options that may set off the ruby gemstone more effectively, especially those metals like white gold and platinum.



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