Handling Ruby Customized Jewelry

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Handling Ruby Customized Jewelry

Considered to be a rarer gemstone than diamonds with only a few mines found around the world, including ones in India, Madagascar, Thailand and Vietnam, it is especially important to take great care with such a special piece of customized jewelry. Despite its rarity, a ruby gemstone doesn't necessarily need kid gloves when handling because it is second to diamonds in terms of hardness. It has no cleavage, which means that it is very difficult to break.

Keep your ruby customized jewelry clean and free of all dust and dirt. You can choose to have a professional jeweler clean it or you can opt to do it yourself. Recommended at-home cleaning should only involve jewelry cleaner or lukewarm water. Be sure that all ruby customized jewelry is kept away from any environments where there is extreme heat or chemical products, such as bleach and ammonia, as these will damage it.



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