What to Look for in Custom Jewelry Designers

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What to Look for in Custom Jewelry Designers

When selecting a custom jewelry designer to work with on a special pair of gemstone earrings or other type of custom jewelry, look for a company that provides information about the expertise and experience of their custom jewelry designers. Being able to read about what each of the custom jewelry designers specialize in will help you find one that specializes in the metal, gemstones, and setting design that matches your style or that of your loved one for whom you're buying a gift.

If you are interested in a particular type of metal for the setting or type of design, look for custom jewelry designers who state they are a master goldsmith or work primarily with platinum or silver. The information provided on a particular custom jewelry maker may state their awards or recognitions as well as other well-known companies they have designed for. Just looking at examples of their work will also help you determine if that designer can make the type of custom jewelry you're looking for as well as indicate the level of craftsmanship and quality they can deliver.



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