Designing Custom Emerald Rings

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Designing Custom Emerald Rings

Do you entertain? Are your hands often in the spotlight at work or in social settings? Designing custom emerald rings involves careful consideration on what style, design, shape, and number of gemstones to place in the setting. Think about what will best display your sophisticated taste and create the “wow” effect in those who see your custom ring.

If you're looking for a sophisticated, rich look, focus on a custom jewelry design with a larger carat-size emerald in a classic pear shape surrounded by diamonds. If you are seeking a simple and sleek look in terms of customized rings, select a platinum or white gold ring setting with an emerald-cut shape. If you're looking for a more sentimental or unique look for your custom emerald rings, you can create a ring that looks like a four-leaf clover or a band encrusted in small emeralds scattered throughout the design.

Whatever you choose in designing custom emerald rings, make sure you think about each of the components, your reason for creating it, and your budget. Also, have alternatives ideas in mind if your original custom jewelry design doesn't meet your expectations.



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