Designing and Wearing an Emerald Pendant

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Designing and Wearing an Emerald Pendant

If you like the simple elegance of an emerald pendant, it may seem like you have fewer elements to consider in terms of the overall custom jewelry design. However, you still need to think about the stone shape, such as trillion, marquise, princess, emerald-cut, pear, oval, or round. Each shape creates a different effect, so look at examples of each to get a sense of what you feel is right for your personal style, or one that matches the individuality of your friend or family member to whom you are gifting emerald pendant.

An emerald pendant will need a metal setting. Decide whether you prefer white or yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum. Each metal changes the look of the custom jewelry, accentuating a different feature of the emerald or setting off the green in a multi-faceted way. Lastly, think about the length of chain in terms of making it in proportion to neck length size as well as the type of clothing you or your loved one will wear with the emerald pendant.



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