Creating an Emerald Necklace

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Creating an Emerald Necklace

Creating your own emerald necklace can be fun and easy whether it's for yourself or someone you love. Think about a theme or an object that you want to use as the focal point of the emerald necklace. For example, it could be a letter of the alphabet for someone's name or it could be a flower, butterfly, leaves or a heart. If you're creating an emerald necklace with your heritage or that of another in mind, consider incorporating a Celtic design or Victorian flourishes.

If you don't have a particular theme to use for your custom jewelry, think about whether you like simple designs or those that feature many elements. This will help you decide some of the other components of your emerald necklace. You may want to add other gemstones like diamonds to your emerald necklace. This combination is commonly used in a custom jewelry design in which one gemstone follows another in a cascading pattern. When designing your emerald necklace, think about the type of metal you prefer as well as the size of the design and length of the chain.



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