Taking Care of Emerald Jewelry

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Taking Care of Emerald Jewelry

More than other types of gemstones, emerald custom jewelry must be cared for and handled very gently. It is somewhat delicate, having a lower rating on the hardness scale but still considered strong in its form. The strength provides some scratch resistance, but it does not protect emerald from breaking or even chipping. This is because emeralds often already have tiny cracks that, if hit in the right place, can cause the gemstone to easily break. Be sure to find out if the emeralds have been oil-treated, which offers some measure of protection for these stunning gemstones.

Remember their delicate nature when wearing an emerald bracelet, emerald ring, or emerald necklace. Try to remove all custom jewelry during active situations, such as sports, exercise, or swimming. Wearing emerald earrings, however, is usually safe from any potential damage. Store emerald custom jewelry in their own boxes or separate from other types of jewelry in your jewelry storage in order to further protect it from damage.



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