Myths and Lore About Emeralds

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Myths and Lore About Emeralds

Every gemstone comes with its own myths and legends. Emeralds have quite a distinction of having a wide range of beliefs from the Celts that believe in its magical qualities and ability to see the future to Egyptians who sought emeralds for assistance with fertility and Romans who gave emeralds to Venus, the goddess of love.

Knowing these legends and stories makes wearing custom jewelry made with emeralds more fun and make for great conversation pieces. When giving a custom jewelry design as a gift to a loved one, get creative by including a typed up myth or legend that ties to the reason you are giving such a gift. For example, if it's an emerald necklace for a loved one on an anniversary or for Valentine's Day, write something about how you see a great future together. Or, if the emerald pendant is for a new mother, relate the story of the Egyptians belief in fertility as a way to celebrate the new baby. In creating a custom jewelry design with emeralds or giving one as a gift, the lore behind the gemstones add a special and memorable touch.



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