Qualities of the Emerald Gemstone

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Qualities of the Emerald Gemstone

Emeralds are a green gemstone that can have a wide range of variations within the green color palette. There are both light and dark green versions of emeralds along with those that are sparked with various bits of blue coloring. All of these variations make some of the world's most memorable custom jewelry like an emerald necklace or emerald pendant.

Often, emeralds come with small fractures that jewelers fill in with resins or oils before using them for emerald rings or other types of jewelry. Commonly found in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia, technology has also made it possible to create emeralds in the laboratory. These man-made versions are often difficult to find amongst the available custom jewelry on the market today. These emeralds often look like those mined from natural sources, sharing the same physical, chemical and optical qualities. Whether they are natural or born in the lab, emeralds offer a brilliant green color unmatched by other gemstones, creating a sophisticated look for any type of custom jewelry design.



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