Wearing a Blue Topaz Pendant

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Wearing a Blue Topaz Pendant

Each piece of custom jewelry has an ideal time or situation for which to show it off. A blue topaz pendant necklace is an excellent choice for certain outfits or events. Often, more formal events call for simple and sophisticated designs in which a blue topaz pendant could be the focal point without needing any other pieces that might detract from its sophistication and elegance.

A blue topaz pendant looks best with dark clothing. It's also more suited for an open neckline design so that it can be set against the skin for a greater dramatic effect. What shape of blue topaz pendant you choose is up to your individual preference and unique style. Because of its ability to be shaped quite easily by jewelry craftsmen, you can design a blue topaz pendant to be round, oval, pear, princess style, emerald-cut and even heart-shaped. Since it's most often worn alone, except for a pair of custom earrings complementing it, you can set the blue topaz pendant with just about any metal. Silver and copper create a dramatic look while other metals offer a more subtle approach.



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